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Spanish American/WW1 vet grouping


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My Uncle found these in his Dad's house (adopted) and remembered seeing them as a kid. They belonged to his (step)dad's brother, Frederick L. Pluss.

10 annual encampment Ft.Worden, Ft. Flagler, Ft. Casey. Port Townsend June 1919. Department of Washington and Alaska

War with Spain 1898 United States Army For Service SN 3287

Army of Occupation Military Government Cuba 1898 - 1902 United States Army for Service SN 2040

France The Great War for Civilization US-France-Italy-Serbia-Japan-Montenegro-Russia-Greece-Great Britain-Belgium-Brazil-Portugal-Rumania-China

Spanish War Veterans 1898-1899 Cuba-U.S.A.-Philippine Islands-Porto Rico

One that just has 1914 1918 on it.

1912 Sharpshooter Metal

I have individual pics of each if there is any interest.

How would I go about ordering his service records?

thanks and enjoy.

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Wow!! What a great group!! You don't see these all together like this very often.

Does Washington state have a Ww1 service book? They used to publish annual National Guard books with service records in them in the 1920s-1940s.

I note in the rolls he is named 'Wilhelm Pluss" (probably hung out in Leavenworth occasionally) and was a Cpl. in the 40th Co. CAC (Gleim's Cuban Occupation medal roll).

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Thanks for the info. He had a brother Wilhelm..... Perhaps my uncle has gotten them confused. Both brothers have been buried in military cemetaries. I have a picture coming and will post it when it arrives.

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Hallo dond :cheers:

a nice salty set :jumping: the first medal is the American version of the Inter-Allied Victory Medal.

Designed by: James Earle Fraser (1876 - 1953).

Manufacturer's: Art Metal Works, Inc., S.G. Adams Stamp and Stationary Co., Jos. Mayer, Inc.


For service in France between 6th April 1917 and 11th November 1918 (Approximate number entitled - 621,600).

The clasp were awarded to Army personnel who served overseas but were not eligible for a battle clasp.

Officers and enlisted crew members of the Army and commercial transports operating from the U.S. also qualified for those service clasps, which encompassed the destination of the transport; however, only one service clasp could be awarded to a crew member. About 1,000 men of the Army performed transport service to France and England.

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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I'd try the State Adjutant General's Office (or whatever the office that your state National Guard falls under is called out there) first before trying the Federal "everything burned up in the fire" St. Louis route. Each state SHOULD have its own records of enlistments, medal issuance and so on. (Here, WW1 Victories were shipped en bloc to the state and then reissued by the state National Guard--index cards still in the files checked off with details of service, bars, when shipped etc etc etc).

You've got his name and birth year, and now a Coast Artillery Corps unit from a medal roll, so that should be enough to get you started.

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I suspect that there are two sets of medals here-to two brothers. I think Jeff Floyd may have the Spanish war medal roll so he can check the name (if that roll exists).

Also, check the US census for 1900. These guys should be easy to spot. the local history societies out your way are really helpful if you write and ask them for information. I have done so several times and some nice old DAR matron has always written back enclosing a stack of newspaper clippings/xeroxes etc. about "Local Boy fights the Boches in Paris". :cheers:

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My uncle dug out some interesting items linked to this grouping. The box arrived today (7 days for a Priority Mail parcel). I opened it up and a stack of documents and pictures were staring me in the face. Here is the initial enlistment discharge document.

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