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I'd be very, very, very happy to pay $450, would not feel badly paying between $500-$600 and if I really knew who it was and if I had the money-would go to $700, but I wouldn't feel good about it. ...unless it turned out to have provenance to a known Admiral or someone cool.

The Ek2=$40



REO= $150-250 (how's the enamel?): BIG variation in prices on this medal these days




but the combination......there's a 'spangenbonus" value.

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A thought to this....

How much is this bar worth?

A few years ago we would have said EUR500/USD500...... then we came to EUR500/USD600... then it would have been EUR500/USD700... Someday it may be EUR500/USD1000.

The value of the bar may stay the same, it is the value of currencies that change.

If we take the EUR as the stable measure of the hobby.... the bar may be worth EUR500 and whatever rapidly increasing amount of $ you need to buy EUR500.

If you take the USD as the stable measure of the hobby, bars like this will become cheaper and cheaper to European based collectors.

This will of course not swing with European based dealers as there stock will decrease in value.

I think the stronger currency will always rule the hobby. Notice how Canadian dealers are suddenly using Cdn$ for their prices !!!!!

I would say.... the price of the bar is not expensive, its just the weak $ that makes it seem so.

Let the $ fall another 80% and I will be logging on the the Rittmeister to buy some stuff... unless he has changed his prices to Euros that is....

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I've seen this bar - offered by a German dealer, priced in Euro. The price is (in my humble opinion) okay, but for an collector in the US, it gets quite expensive. As Chris said, it's the problem US $ has nowadays ... :(

But well, it's not my problem ... :P;)

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Hi Paul!

I saw it too... but the dealer wants about USD 1'120.- (Eur 760.-). That's quite a lot, although it's a typical Godet spange in perfect conditions.



I bought a similar-if not identical bar from Stogieman a mere 5 years ago for $325! I suspect the Godet tag indicates this person was in berlin in 1936 and that probably means employment in one of the big buildings downtown.

The dealer's price is inflated slightly (that is it has a @20-30% mark up) to bring his profit in. An open auction on eBay might bring a higher market price because of there being more attention and bidders.

Personally, I am a big fan of the dollars long awaited deflation. I think Chris has a great point about "thinking in Euros", but i suspect that given cultural issues and the sometimes difficult nature of selling these items, as well as the collecting community (which I suspect is 70% British /Commonwealth/American) the US$ will remain the standard currency for these. Also, I notice a lot of these coming out of the woodwork consistently over here. Seemingly every GI brought home a box of stuff from Germany in 1945. A lot are messed with and/or in bad condition, but every year I run across a gem or two.

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Chris, you hit the nail right on the head. If the price of the bar is evaluated in euros then it is a decent buy. With the fall of the dollar the bar becomes very expensive to US collectors. I hesitate buying the bar due to the exchange rate.

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