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What's this called?

Eric Gaumann

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I'm trying to start a basic synopsis on the more common Imperial Russian medals and I'm having trouble with this one especially.

I've seen what I believe to be near identical images of the medal pictured below as either the "St. George Medal" or the "Bravery Medal".

In all cases the reverse carries the inscription "For Bravery" while the obverse carries either the Tsar in power at the time or an image of St George slaying a big lizard.

Are these the same medals with different monikers, like the Soviet Combat Service Medal aka the Military Merit Medal or two seperate awards?

Further questions will include why are some marked X class while other have no class designation, but for now the question above is what I need help with.


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Hi Eric,

These medals were called the St George Medal for Bravery.

Awarded in four Classes.

First founded be Alexander II.

First and second class were of Gold 3rd and 4th of silver.

Later issued in white medal and Yellow medal, Just as the St george's cross were during the war.

All classed used the St george Ribbon.

The bravery medals with St george slaying the dragon were issued by the Provisional and Whites after the fall of the Romamov rule.

I hope this helps alittle.


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Thanks so much for the help George.

As an aside one of the stops I made today at work was a place called Saint George and the Dragon. :)

My second question is that at one point did these medals come in two different sizes? The first and third classes were larger than the second and fourth classes, essentially making a large and small gold class and a large and small silver class. Is that correct?

And at one point around the turn of the century did the medals all get resized into a standard size?

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Good question.

Seems like the first class medal Alex. II period came in two sizes. 50MM and 28MM.

The larger was worn around the neck and the smaller with bow on a medal bar.

2nd through 4th on medal bar

2nd gold. 3rd and 4th silver.

During Czar Nickolas II all were 28MM and worn on medal bars.

Same with the later issues. sizes vary 28/30mm.


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Thanks again George! I appreciate your help so much. :)

Yet another question: I've seen these medals with class designations: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes as discussed above. I think I've also seen medals without such designations; they have a simple 3A храбрость. Any idea what's going on there?

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