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Tank/Truck Qualification/Classification Badges

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?These Qualification/Classification Badges are awarded to all of those in a duty assignment where they operate or look after these vehicles. They are also awarded to military technicians who are qualified to service them.?

The Tank Classification/Qualification badge features gold wings with a tank on each side of the central shield. The different grades of the badge are marked by the designation in the centre of the shield; M for master; 1 for first class; 2 for second class; 3 for third class. They are awarded for being able to drive a tank for tank crews and for those who can service the tank for the military technical staff. The Tank and Truck Classification/Qualification Badge is of the same design as the tank badge but features two trucks in the same location as the tanks were on the Tank Badge. This badge is awarded to military personnel who are qualified to drive tanks and trucks and to military technical staff who can service both of these vehicles. They would have been worn just above the pocket flap on the right side and below any other badges specified to be worn above the right breast pocket. According to Charles, these badges came into use in 1960 but I do not know how long they remained in use. There are very similar to Qualification/Classification badges for aircrew which were still in wear in the 1975 Uniform Regulations but I was unable to find any mention of the wear of these two badges in those regulations. But I didn?t spend a lot of time digging through Chapter IX looking for them. They are very similar in design to Russian badges for similar purposes but are redily identifiable by the pin back means of fastening them to the tunic.

First pictures is of the front of these badges.



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You gotta love the Thieves Market where those who cant afford to pay for a spot sit outside the market and peddle their wares...got a pile of photos from the 1970's. What I thought was a group of guys wearing Hungarian qualification badges is actualy a group wearing the Soviet type. :speechless1: They are also wearing Soviet academy badges. The group is from the Engineer / Pioneer branch. The one guy has an Excelent Soldier / Political Offcier badge! Probably all thsoe with the Soviet Academt badges went on to at least Colonel or General if they stayed in the service...

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Great find of a photo with Hungarian Officers wearing Soviet qualification badges. Makes an interesting proposition for badging up a Hungarian uniform. I am going to take a guess that these officers, because of their rank, are wearing the Soviet Academy Badge for attending an "Intermediate Level Academy". There were two of these badges and these officers appear to be wearing the later one in use from the early to late 80s. Since they were in the Engineer/Pioneer branch this is probabaly a picture taken after their graduation at the Kuybyshev Military Academy of Engineer Troops. This academy was located in Moscow and trained medium grade commissioned officers for the Engineering Troops. Attending one of these "intermediate academies" was an important step in the career of a Warsaw Pact officer. It was an important factor in future promotions. Once the officer reached full Colonel or General rank he would have been sent to one of the senior Soviet Academies. These senior academies concentrated on one of the combat arms disciplines. Her are a couple of examples; Malinovsky Military Academy of Armoured Forces; Dzerzhinsky Military Academy of Rocket Forces; Budyonny Military Academy of Communications; Gagarin Military Air Academy etc.

Here is a picture of the Academy badge that is possibly being worn in the above photo.



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One never knows what one will find. While doing research and turning every page of the newspaper "Nephadsereg" from 1950 to 1956, I found this little bit of information in the October 20th, 1955 issue. Two things must be realized:

1) There are NO official documents or regulations for the year of 1955. Anythign that was created for wear during that time has no "official" published material about it.

2) As such - its likely that this badge was introduced in 1955 and worn for a brief time into the 1960's. (where I have seen them in wear in a photo album) But since there is no official documentation - no idea on what one could even get the badge for.

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