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Hello Christophe.

The email has well arrived. Many many thanks.

To identify this officer first i think we had to identify the medalbar.

1. the St. Heinrichs-Orden of course

2. maybe AR 1X?

3. EK 2

4. ?

Rick or somebody please heeeeelp

Definitely the photo can be dated at period 1918-1919 (Black wound badge)

Gru? Stefan

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The photo was taken in Plauen so it seems very likely to be an officer of Inf.Rgt.134.

What could be a possibility is Res.Inf.Rgt. 243 (3rd bataillon/243 was raised from IR 134 and some officers of IR 134 served in RIR 243), Reserve-Rgt. 133 or maybe Landwehr-Rgt.133. But I tend to the first one: IR 134

Gru? Stefan

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I cannot tell what the last award is from the sepia blurred photo. It's not a Hindenburg Cross, it's some WW1 Order with Swords. It LOOKS like, but cannot be, an Oldenburg House Order X.

Until that can be identified, I can't help.

Try changing the contrast and ZOOMING IN on the medal bar for a BIG scan of it.

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The more I look at this, the more I think that

weird as it sounds

that is an "Iron Cross sandwich" and what he is wearing LAST is a Saxon Merit Order-Knight 2nd X. :speechless:

I am at a loss for what ELSE it could possibly be with a ribbon like that, so DUMB as this precedence is, that is what I think he is wearing.

Unit numbers on his boards are COMPLETELY unreadable to me.

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Gotcha :jumping:

I'v got it : Kurt Zehmisch

Received the

SH3, 27.11.1916

SA3bX, 19.10.1915.

No SV3bX on Roth's book.

No Hohenzollern.

I remember when I bought this, I have got a small paper with a unit and and a first name Kurt and the first letter of the name Z. AFter that I can easily find it. But one medal is missing. Now Rick with his fabulous research can find it.



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Wooooaaahhh Kurt Zehmisch? :jumping::jumping:

Boys you are greeeeeaaaaat.

For me, interested in IR 134th history Kurt Zehmisch is a very faboulus name. He was involved in the Christmas-Peace 1914 in Flanders. Also he had written a Diary which his son, who is still alive and live in Kurt Zehmischs native-town near Plauen, keeps.

Last year was the reopening ceremony of the regimental-monument in Plauen which was destroyed after 1945-. There I met the son and he told me, that his father served in WW2 in Inf.Rgt. 185 (raised in Plauen) and got missing. In civilian life Kurt Zehmisch was a Teacher.

Yesterday, after some looks at the photo i also thougt that might be Kurt Zehmisch, but I was unsure.

Now, I?m still out of words :speechless: .

Gru? Stefan

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