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Private Vasili Dzhandzhirovich Maziashvili

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Private Vasili Dzhandzhirovich Maziashvili, 291st Rifle Regiment

OK, a GEORGIAN, but "Vasili 'John-Deere-ovich' Maziashvili"?!?!?

Anyway . . .

. . . a single MMM, or whatever you call it, unnumbered.

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What I know from The Source (and a most reliable one!) is:

. . .he was originally nominated for a For Valor medal, but it was downgraded. The medal was awarded to him for being wounded in the hand and leg in April 1942 while fighting with the 291st Rifle Regiment. I haven't been able to find them in my orders of battle, but based on the fact that a new 291st was formed in July 1942 would indicate that his unit was surrounded and wiped out when he was wounded! Probably some super interesting stories there!


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Yes, it seems, and I find it remarkable that so often we encounter various ways of writing one name. Foreigners, OK, but why with this Georgian Private?

Maziashvili was born in 1904 in the village of Nukriani, Signakhsky region, Georgian Republic, where he was still living by 1968. Not a party member. Attended 2 classes. Joined the Red Army in 1942 as an infantry (rifles) soldier in the 291st Rifle Regiment. Participant of the GPW from February 1942 to April 1942.

The Award Record Card was filled in in 1968 by Lieutenant-Colonel Menagarishvili, the Military Commissar of the Signakhsky region. He also signed the citation in May 1967. After the war Maziashvili became a Kolkhoz farmer in the Kolkhoz of the village of Nukriani, Signakhsky region, Georgian Republic.


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