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Senior Sergeant Aslambeck Konstantinovitch Gutnov

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I will try to help you. Sorry for my poor English. :)

1. Gutnov

2. Aslambeck Konstantinovitch

3. Senior Sergeant

4. male

6. NO ASSR (Northern Osetian ASSR), Ardonsky region, Kadgaron(?) village

7. member of party - no

8. education - lowest

9. nationality - osetin

10. years in the Red Army: 9.1942-11.1945

11. served when had been awarded - in 78 Rifle Division, ???????? ?????? (platoon commander?)

12. serving at this moment - stanica Beslan, Handicraft College ?2, master

13. adress - Northern Osetian ASSR, Beslan

14. Awards:

Order of Patriotic War - 1st class

Order of Glory - 3rd class

Medal for Victory over Germany

In the next document said, that Gutnov participate in actions on:

Central Front (25.03.1942-15.05.1942)

South-West Front (23.05.1942-16.06.1943)

2nd Ukrainian Front (20.10.1943-)

And he was softly wounded three times.

Regards, IVB

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There are 34 Heroes of Soviet Union (by other sources - 76 (may be from both Southern and Northern Osetia)) and 9 people received all three classes of the Order of Glory.

In official military statistics Osetians stands on the first place on number of the Heroes of Soviet Union in the ratio with number of people.

By the way, here is link for Heroes:


One of them, Kalayev Semen Dzageevitch had all three classes of the Order of Glory.

Regards, IVB

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There are more exactly info: Gutnov served in 6th Rifle Company, 453th Rymniksky Regiment, 78th Zaporozhskaya Rifle Division.

As I guess, he received award for taking one of Hungarian villages (Akatsara) during offensive of 453th Rymniksky Regiment in Hungary in October 1944.

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