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Miniature group - identity of of owner?

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Here's an interesting little miniature chain:

1. PLM, peace class

2. Gold Medal of the Institute of British Architects 1837

3. Prussia Red Eagle

4. Bavaria Merit Order of St. Michael

5. Saxony Albert Order. without swords

6. Wurttemburg Order of the Wurttemberg Crown

7. Vatican Order of St. Gregory the Great (missing the center)

8. France Legion of Honor, second Empire

The Legion of Honor has slid away from its original position, so there's no missing award between it and the Vatican order.

For Rick and the identification gurus, is there a way to identify the recipient of this one. With this group, he was more than a bratwurst salesman.

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"Liliac" Red Eagle and 2nd Empire LoH? If so, may KO {knock out!} Austrian von Schmidt on likely bestowal date range. Think you mean St. Greg rather than Lateran Cross, eh Jeff? As to Jacques, sure of Franco-Saxony & Bavaria connections but Wurt? Unless a special bell needed a tower? Tend to agree Friedrich August St?ler held these awards. However, one never knows! Edited by 922F
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That is really a once-in-a-lifetime chain. It certainly belongs to a German, most likely Prussian. We can rule out Schmidt and Hittorf. Judging from the Internet list of Royal Gold medal winners, there are only two candidates:

- Friedrich August St?ler


- Karl Richard Lepsius (1810-1884), very prominent archaeologist. He got the Royal Gold medal in 1869 and the PLM in 1872.

Both were Protestants, so I think they would only have got the Vatican order if there were a special reason for it. My feeling is that this is rather the case for Lepsius, because he was apparently president of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome from 1867?1880. He travelled both to Rome and Paris a number of times.

Also, I think St?ler would have had even more Prussian (esp. dynastic) awards, because he had very close connections to the Prussian king, having designed the rebuilding of the Hohenzollern castle in Hechingen, for example.

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