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Arab What-is-it?


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It is the Sanskrit .But I think the medal is not from India.It looks like from Nepal or Sri Lanka.An unofficial medal,maybe used by a Buddhist temple,or a kind of amulet.

No, it certainly isn't Sanskrit, and it is TOTALLY unlike anything I have seen in South Asia over the past 35 years or so.

Thanks for the guess though.

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I would assume it is also totally unlike anything you have seen in the Arab world over 35 years.

What makes you so sure it IS Arab?

I am not. Except it was "obtained" in Kuwait after its "liberation" during Gulf War II by a US soldier. Beyond that I do not know. Yet, as people so often intone: provenance.

I agree that the overall design "vocabulary" is wrong for anything Arab (except, maybe, Saudi Arabian, but no one has ever seen any such thing from that side).

I love puzzles.

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This has long been a mystery but I am pleased to advise this is the Algerian Wound Medal - the ribbon is incorrect and should be white and red.


Great info:


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Hello everybody,

the correct name of this decoration:

Algeria Medaille de Blesse sans Citation

Adam: The foto is mine - but no problem! 2014.gif

AB is the shortcut of the manufacturer from germany!

Chris: Your answer is also allright

And please note:

I will sell the hole set in swap area



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