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Nut lil Shurta /Iraqi Police Service Medal (Type Unknown)

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Nut lil Shurta /Iraqi Police Service Medal (Type Unknown)

Here is a very rare piece from my collection, I won it off of Ebay for $100.00.

I am tring to figure out the information on my medal. I do know that it is an Iraqi Police medal that has the Iraqi Republic Eagle on it. The eagle on this medal does not have the Republic of Iraq written under its feet.

Can any one share the knowldge with us of this Iraqi Police medal.

Thank You

God Bless

SSG Luna, Lorenzo


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In 1952 the Kingdom instituted medals for Police Distinguished Service (silver with blue & white ribbon) and General Service (bronze with red & blue ribbon). With the overthrow of the monarchy in 1958 the Qassem regime continued with these awards - same metal and ribbon colours but different designed medals and ribbon patterns. Both series were manufactured by Huguenin of Le Locle. Following the overthrow of Qassem it is my supposition that the awards were retained, another change of design and ribbon pattern - same colours though - but this time manufactured, in Egypt - the DSM appear to have an Egyptioan silver mark on the reverse. What you are illustrating is the General Service Medal of this 3rd series.



P.S. For info I detail, the awrd criteria for the original series:

Police medals for Distinguished Service and General Service were instituted by Regulation No. 43 of 1952. Both medals were awarded to members of the police who have performed exceptional service on punitive operations or exceptionally good service in the performance of their duties, or who had performed exceptionally good service with the Police Force. The medals could also be awarded to other persons who gave valuable assistance to the Police, or displayed bravery on punitive operations.

The Distinguished Service Medal consists of a 4cm diameter seven-pointed silver-star, surrounded by two palm fronds intersecting at the base. In the centre, a 2cm diameter circle, bearing a portrait of King Faisal II. On the reverse the inscription in Kufic Arabic script, ?Police Medal for Distinguished Service?. The ribbon is 3.5cm dark blue with ? cm white edge stripes. The regulations specify that the reverse should also note the name and rank of the recipient and its date of issue according to both the Hijra and Gregorian calendars. The reverse also bears the Huguenin makers mark and a 925 silver mark.

The General Service Medal consists of 4cm diameter seven-pointed copper star, placed on two intersecting truncheons with uppermost a crown. In the centre of the star a 2cm diameter circle, bearing the inscription, in Nakhshi Arabic script, ?Faisal II 1364?. The reverse bears the inscription ?Police Medal for General Service?, and should according to the regulations note the name and rank of the recipient. The reverse also bears the Huguenin makers mark.

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what does the standard police medal cost? Can someone post one for reference?



The Royal (left) and Republican (right) service medals. Sorry for the difference in scale.

You wanted the General Service Medals, right? Not the distinguished service medals?

Since the invasion and occupation commenced, I have stopped getting any new items for my Iraqi collection, so I can't help with pricing questions.

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IP Iraqi Police Armband:

This Armband was givin to me by an Iraqi Police man (IP) in 2003 Samara, Iraq: it is another piece to my Iraqi Militaria Collection.


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