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Chains for standard bearer gorgets of Wehrmacht's Heer.

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There can be it will interestingly. I think anybody of such research did not do. Excuse my English.

Al gorgets for standard bearer of Wehrmacht's Heer was made three firms - C.E.Juncker, Herman Aurich and Assmann. All gorgets of these manufacturers have the insignificant divergences in design and proportions. For an example of distinction in details of chain rings for gorgets.

Marks of the manufacturer - Assmann

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The firm C.E. Juncker from Berlin made gorgets in two times. The first variant obviously earlier. It is a little the smaller size and having more abrupt bend.

The second variant. Besides only this firm has used on the back sides 2 kinds of cloth - dark green and Feldgrau.

Marks of the manufacturer - C.E.Juncker

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It is a little more from my collection

Hello Vladimir,

This is really awesome. I hope people realise they are seeing a truly world-class collection here. I would be surprised if anyone, anywhere, can match this. Thank you so much for sharing these and I hope you will show us some more Gorgets from your collection.

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