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Rick and all,

I saw this beautiful ribbon bar in an old collector's home last weekend. Might buy it if the guy finally decides to. I know Rick can really narrow these things down and would appreciate it very much if you could identify everything for me and let me know.

All the best for Christmas!

Mike Heuer

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I am sorry to say the bar is most probably a fake for the following reasons:

1. What is the bow on the baden Lion award (green ribbon)

2. The first three ribbons are EK2, HOH3X, RAO4X or KO4X. They were given out for service in China or SWA. There is no China or SWA ribbon on the bar.

3. There is also no Centennial medal on the bar.

I would not buy it.

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Sure looks like a classic 1990s Ohio All Brass Parts Fraud-- hand snipped brass backing, brass pin, and nasty hand cut catch that will look like:

I recognize the classic overstitching of the backing, visible from the front. Black light should make the Memel glow electric blue. The eagles are probably PAINTED-- he had an endless supply of odd chalky-gray ones, but no original gilt ones. The oakleaves device on the Z?hringen ribbon is probably original.

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Didn't have a chance to take a photo of the rear -- thanks for the reminder on the catch. That has been a clue for me for many years -- thanks to you.

I will provide a photo of the ribbon bar right below this one -- just have to crop it out of the photo of the box of bars.


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Mike-- I don't turn anybody up at this point, so despite the Wehrmacht 25s, what this suggests is somebody who was in continuous service but in the Landespolizei and not the Reichsheer under the Weimar Republic.

SHOULD be traceable, but we have not advanced enough in sorting out non-Prussians...

yet. :rolleyes:

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