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Wiedmann Marine Artillery Badge

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A marked example with the other style fittings. Unfortunately this pic which appeared in a mag many years ago has had the background painted out, making the distinctive outline profile difficult to compare but the maker mark can be seen, as can the fact that the pin fittings are directly attached, not staked in. This type also usually appears non-maker marked.

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Based on the reverse images posted by Gordon, then this example is not a Wiedmann? It has long been posted on WAF as a Wiedmann but challenged recently as not a Wiedmann.

If not a Wiedmann, any opinions on what it is so I can correct the file.


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I've had examples of other badges by what I believe is the same (unknown) manufacturer. Always with the same shape of plate to which the retaining clip is attached, always needle pin and formed sheet metal hinge, and always with faint striations across the back. Clearly the badges had been held against a linishing belt to remove rough edges after the cropping die was used.

No idea of the maker, but pretty certain its not Wiedmann.

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