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Does anyone know this medal?

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Hi I posted this in another forum but I am new to this so I didnt know if I had put it in the right spot or not.I just wanted some information on this medal that I received for Christmas If anyone has any tips or suggestions on where I could get some information would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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German War Associations

Ordensrat der Deutschen Ehrenlegion e.V.

Orders Chancelory of the German Honor Legion

Ritterkreuz der Deutschen Ehrenlegion

Knights Cross of the German Honor Legion


Detlef Niemann, Price Guide Orders and Decorations Germany 1871-1945, Hamburg 2004

No. 2.02.18 c)



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I took this pic of the back of my medal I'm not sure if you can make out whats written there but it says ' KLEIST BERLIN ' and I believe underneath that it says 'FRUCKENSTRUM' but I'm not positive - its pretty worn. Does anyone know how I can find out more about this piece? I am very interested to know if the box came with it originally.I'd like to post more pics but every time I try to upload my photos it tells me theres not enough space.Thanks for the info!

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I doubt if somebody was to copy it they would have put a fake name on the rear.

These were not official issue from a Government or State Military but, from

the German Legion of Honour, a War Veterans Association and I believe probably given

for service to the organisation but stand open to correction.

This is more normally associated with them:

with sword and wreath insignia on the ribbon for Combatant.

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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