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Order of Glory, 3rd Class

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"In the battles with German-fascist invaders Comrade Svistun N.K. proved to be persistent and courageous. On April 6th, 1945, in the vicinity of the village of Fering (or may be Vering?), while dealing with the heavy enemy counter attack, Comrade Svitsen's squad destroyed four squad automatic weapons. ? has been wounded during the battle ? Comrade Svistsun personally replaced the wounded soldier and destroyed one machine gun and killed two Hitlerites, contributing to rebuffing of the enemy counter attack. Deserves the governmental award - the Order of Glory, 3rd degree, for displayed combat persistence and courage," or words to that effect. . .

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:Cat-Scratch: BIll!!!!


The MOST interesting bits aren't revealed above-- from his Awards Record Card =

Although he was only in the Red Army from February 1944 to October 1945 (suggesting he lived under the German occupation until his home area was liberated) according to his ARC, the citation says in the war since August 1941 and wounded 22.2.42. (? cut off and left behind, underground, evading capture maybe?)

he was a Guards Senior Sergeant (3 stripes on shoulder straps) annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd

SENIOR BAKER in his Battalion. :rolleyes:

Now, I know you're thinking :sleep: BUT :shame:

he was that in the 10th Guards "Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky" PARACHUTE RIFLES REGIMENT, 3rd Guards "Order of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov" Parachute Division, 3rd Ukrainian Front.

He received his Valour Medal in the same unit 31.12.44.

Now I am SURE that he was not actually AIR dropped at his age and this stage of the war. Paratroopers--just as in most armies by 1944-- were being used simply as ELITE INFANTRY.

Pretty darn spiffy. :catjava:

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Pretty darn spiffy. :catjava:

I would say so! What are the odds of a Baker in an Army who was in a full force winning streak be in a professional position to win such a valor award? Perhaps there was some sort of small German counter attack where he found himself on the front for a small bit of time?

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3rd Guards Parachute Division was fighting at BUDAPEST by November 1944, fought across Lake Balaton, and ended the war in Vienna--so Fergen was in Hungary or Austria.

Since his ARC was filled out so soon in 1946, chances are he WAS entitled to the medals for the Capture of Budapest and Vienna and those had not been processed yet for him.

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