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Rats! I was hoping he was still in a REGIMENT for his EK2, to sort him out from all other possible wartime Leutnants der Reserve Brink.

Where was he living when he got the Hindenburg? Maybe that will identify him for a wartime local unit.


I found three Infantry Leutnant d.R. Brink who survived the war and who were commissioned prior to mid 1917:

IR. 62 (1916)

FR. 73 (1914)

IR. 85 (1915)

Another two were KIA and can be eliminated.



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the document for the Hindenburg was not in the box from the auctioner. Hopefully they only forget to put it in and will find it. But they are closed till 6th jan. I think i can find a picture of it.

I ll come ack asap.

but i think he came from the area around Freiburg.

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