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Presentation Paul Von Hindenburg Portrait

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My newest EBay purchase.

Nice photo portrait of President Von Hindenburg with detication to a Josef Deicker, Morbach.

I cant read the German script. Its hand done with an original late Hindenberg Signature.

Hindenberg and his wief were removed from there cript at Tannenberg by the nazi's before the Russian overran and destroyed Tannenberg.

The two coffens were later found by U.S. GI's in a salt mine. These were again later inturned in a church in Morbach. A city Hindenberg was an honorary citizen.



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Hi George,

Dem Herrn Kameraden Josef Deicker, Morbach

f?r langj?hrige treue Mitgliedschaft im Kriegervereinswesen in Anerkennung und Dankbarkeit gewidmet.

Berlin, den 3. Dezember 1932.

Der Vorstand des preu?ischen Landes-Kriegerverbandes.


General der Artillerie a.D., Pr?sident.

rough translation

To (Mr.) comrade Josef Deicker (in) Morbach

dedicated in recognition and gratitude for long lasting membership in the veterans league.

Berlin, the 3. December 1932.

The board of directors of the prussian provincial veterans league.


General of the artillery, retired, president.

It is not Hindenburg's signature, he was the honorary president, but not the acting president.



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