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I don't doubt it's an original bar, but the mounter (and yes folks, it sure looks like it was GODET) should have been slapped upside the head and told to DO IT RIGHT!

1) The Austrian Silver Merit Cross with Crown is mounted backwards (I'd check and be sure the obverse center disk IS intact and this hasn't been turned-- recently--to conceal that

2) it is on the Karl Troop Cross ribbon instead of the proper generic "war awards" ribbon

3) given THOSE errors, don't know if the Hessian Military Medical Cross in incorrect 3rd from last spot SHOULD be on this "home service" ribbon or on the frontline ribbon (same as the Hessian Bravery Medal General Decoration)

4) it's a WW2 bar (KVK2) but the Austrian WW1 Commemorative--despite the Silver Merit Cross With Crown--is in last place rather than just behind the Hindenburg Cross

So looks like a WW1 medical NCO, some sort of civil servant in WW2 (KVK2s ithout Xs much harder to find mounted than KVK2s with Xs)

but man, what a screw-up with how it was put together back then! :speechless:

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