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Not usually my cup of tea, but I seem to have aquired a few.

I should have added medallions to the title as well.

This may be a better topic for the tinnie forum.

Small, in Aluminium.

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I especially like the Propagandzug copper coated medallion, it has held up very well! I posted a similar item in the forum (just search for "meissen" on the search engine for the site to see the pics) earlier of the clay commemorative medallion type made by Meissen commemorating the conquering of France 1940. Still working on a new computer fund so I can post pics again, but I have seen a few variations of that type as well (painted, unpainted etc.) if anyone has any of those to add to the thread as well.



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Just to clarify, my medallion thread is in the Third Reich: Political Awards, Membership & Organisation Badges Forum (probably should have been in another forum, like the tinnie one as well as wood mentioned earlier) if you want to check that out. They are kind of a fringe item in TR collecting I gather as you don't see them around much.



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Sorry for posting so long after this thread started but:

Very nice medallions you have there Wood. Particularly like the 1st,2nd and 4th one you show. The 3000 km autobahn one is not seen very often I think. Nice items indeed.


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