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Battleship Yamato full size replica !

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I thought I had seen it all with the mammoth 1/12 scale replica of the Yamato in Japan that I posted in another thread. Well, the Japanese have now gone one further, they are building a FULL SIZE replica of the biggest battleship ever. (Of course it does beg the question - WHY!!)

Have a look at this. speechless1.gif


Click the button at top right for the slide show. They are obviously still very proud of this ship. I can imagine the reaction if the Germans built a full scale Bismarck!

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The images are amazing. Do you know who is funding this project?

It looks like a film set or playground for re-enactors.

The urge to recreate chunks of history or extracts from comics and dress up in all sorts of historical or other costumes seems to be very popular in Japan.

Since re-enactors in Japan seem to pay enormous attention to detail and like to get things right, I wonder if there are any Kamikaze units and how they bring their re-enactments to a successful conclusion.

There do seem to be people interested in re-enactment in Germany, but there is so much stigma attached to 20th century German history, and so much mistrust of anyone who shows an interest in representing it, I don't think we'll see any German battleships larger than radio-controlled models here for some time to come.


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Absolutely stunning....i thought it was some kind of wind up at first....

Will be very interested in seeing the movie, even if i don't understand a word of it! I love the big capital ships of WWII and have never been much of a Carrier man. I love the Japanese designs, the pagoda superstructures etc, in my opinion the best looking Capital ships ever....although the Italians are a close second....

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Having built a 1/350 scale model of the Yamato many years ago, I can only guess at the amount of work that went into that set! I note that she is configured for her last "mission", so I assume the movie will cover her final run. I wonder where they will get all the Helldivers and Avengers... biggrin.gif


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