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Hi all!

Is it possible to get any more information about a Gefreiter Hulke at Res Feld Art Rgt 19

I just bought his award doc for EK II dated 1st May 1918 , his award doc for Braunschweigs Miltary Cross dated June 1917

and his award doc for the Honor Cross an quite early one in oktober 1934 then he was a Gastwirt ??? :speechless: in Hannover

The pics is from the seller


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Nice large size BrK document. I have never been sure exactly when this size was reduced to the small version--or when exactly State Minister Wolff (he hand signed all of them) became VON Wolff. When you get it the running total from the now-missing award rolls will be on the bottom left.

Large clear scans will be nice to see. That will make reading the autographs easier. Gastwirt is an inn keeper.

RFAR 19 was the divisional artillery of the 19th Reserve Infantry Division. Personnel from Hanover, Brunswick, and Oldenburg.

The May 1917 awards (the EK document is dated 1918 but appears to say it was made 1.5.17) were probably for action during the French Chemin des Dames attacks 16-21 April, after which (900 prisoners lost!) 19th Res Div was pulled out of the front to rest.

June 1918 it was on the Champagne sector.

Allied intelligence rated this as a 1st Class division.

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Thanks Rick !

I was swimming theough internet sites looking for Res Feld Atr Rgt 19 but all I found was a regimential History wich would have been a super catch

if is wasn?t for the price ..... 150 Euro :banger: well now I know a lot more thanks to you :cheers:

I will scan better pics of the documents when I get them!

Thanks again, now I will have to eat bread and water until next month but who needs food when you can have a nice Imperial document!

All the best from sweden


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Does anyone know who was the Pol?ce President in Hannover late 1934 ?

I know that Victor Lutze had this job in February- March, but who came after him?

His name seems to begin with H , I will get a better scan but maybe someone know the history better than me?


:ninja: Found Him! After a looooong search in foreign languages I finally caught up with him late night swedish time

Hes name was Johann Habben and he seems to have been a decent man, came in some sort of conflict with the nazis and Gestapo and was replaced with a former high SA officer in 1936.

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