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Anybody have any views on this? It was sold to me as a Police Sports Vest patch a couple of years ago, but I've always wondered, not least because the bird is facing the "wrong" way from all my other Police birds and the wreath is a bit, well, un-wreathlike!

It's approx 7 inches by 7 inches



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Hello JM,

The way the eagle is facing is nothing to worry about niether is how the wreath looks.

If its authentic or not I'll leave for the experts.

This is an example of one I found while looking for info for you.

Described as a Police eagle for sports shirts and shorts. 4 1/2" wide x 4" tall. Bevo woven and has been cut from a roll, unissued.

Regards Eddie

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Yours are early examples of the Police Sport Insignia adopted in 1935. The eagle and wreath look odd because it is the early 1934 police eagle (thin eagle clutching a swaz surmounting a laurel wreath) as opposed to the more common post 1936 police eagle (fatter eagle facing to the left surmounting an oakleaf with swaz at 6 o'clock). The blue color indicated all police branches (Schupo, Gendarmerie, Gemeidepol.) except the Landespolizei that used a green eagle. Another Police Sport Insignia was designed using the second style eagle and it was always green.

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