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HJ Dagger - Oringal / Made-up

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Hello All,

Could you possible help me out. I was thinking about buying this HJ dagger for a friends 50th birthday in August. I'm really not too au - fait with daggers, but I noticed the blade inscription "Blut und Ehre " is missing and have been wondering if its a orginal or made - up dagger. Any opinion you have would be welcome.


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I wouldn't worry about the absence of "Blut und Ehre" - the later ones didn't carry the inscription.

However there's something funny about the blade on that one - has it been reground at the end following a break perhaps? I'm also not sure about the badge - the red bits in particular don't look to have the pebbling that I'd expect?

I'll post a couple of pictures of my one (which I'm sure is genuine!) for comparison, including one of the RZM marks that I'd be happier seeing on the blade. Notice too how, near the hilt, the blade is graduated along the width- the one in your picture seems to be uniform?

All things considered, I'd give this one a miss.

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Hello Mametz,

The HJ dagger does have a scabbard, I was forced to crop it out of the dagger picture in order to reduce the size to 65K and be able to upload the picture, here's a picture. One thing that does bother me with the scabbard, is at the blade entrance, the thickened lip, which after going through a number of military web sites seems to be by common wisdom, a mistake made by a number of fakers. Any thoughts on this point?

Hello SSJM,

Many thanks for the pictures, I too had noticed the peebling effect or lack of one on the red section of the HJ insert on the dagger, I showed. If this peebling is a standard feature, then its certainly helpful in recognizing the genuine articule from the copies. The dagger blade is as clean as a whistle, no makers mark, no engraved script, nothing. I think after all considerations, I'll give it a miss and wait for another to show up.

Still many thanks to you both, its not been a waste of time as I've learn a couple of things, that I'm sure will serve me well the next time a dagger comes into my hands.


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