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Foreign Legion stuff

Chris Boonzaier

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I have had my medals in a frame in the den and my old Kepi in a case, but other than that i have never really done anything with my stuff since leaving the army.

Jacques helped me along to getting some missing medals which I added to the frame, then I got lazy....

It is only since I started collecting a bit of WW1 French that I started taking an interest in my own stuff. I have spent the last week or so messing around with it, applying for what I still need. Telephoning to find out what I can still get etc. etc.

I am doing some refining to my medal bar... This includes some "Upgrades" to different makers of medals (Some just "look" better than others) and...and...and a whole bunch more.

I will add to this bit by bit as I go along, but here, for the first time after years an years on the forums, is my jumble of stuff...

First off, some commemorative badges... these are not to be worn on the uniform, they are usually given to the guys as souvenirs, or bought in the canteen where you are stationed.

In pic one.

The Daguet one is for the Division Daguet in Desert Storm, it was the regt X-mas gift, it is sterling silver and numbered (No records kept of the numbers)

The second one is a generic Operation Epervier one. Operation Epervier started out when Libya sent troops into Tchad and the French helped kicked them out, then continued for years as a simple French presence in Tchad? kinda like a sandy aircraft carrier where the French could base men and airplanes. There are unit specific ones, but our unit did not bother at the time, this was a canteen bought one.

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Very interesting pieces. Were such Christmas gifts handed out every year? I look forward to seeing your stuff as the time permits!


It depends. In 1991 we got a Camillus/K-Bar knife engraved with "2 REI X-Mas 1991" which had a lot to do with the French thinking the "Camilllus" is a good knife. I broke mine within a week.

In Bosnia we also got hip flasks with the company badges engraved on them. I stupidly traded mine for a German badge.

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Here are the divisional patches I had.

1) The division to which the 4eme Regiment Etranger belongs (The training regiment) I cannot remember which division this was :-(

2) The early 6th Light Armoured division (Part of the Force d#action Rapide)

3) The later version

4) Patch for the Division Daguet in Saudi/Irak

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The parade uniform badges for Legionnaire, Legionnaire 1st class and Caporal

What rank did you make before getting out?

The rank tress looks like the exact pattern as Luftwaffe(but in green)... perhaps the same maker?

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