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Award Wear Regulations

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Together with a friend I am searching German records to find out if there were specific regulations in the way ribbons were allowed to be worn. Off course it is known how most specific decorations were to be worn, but we are trying to find out the GENERAL Regulations, if there were any. Checking through many regulations, we have found some, but we could use help in this to complete it.

General regulations of wear for Deutsches Heer in WW 2:

- It is allowed to wear up to two ribbons of war awards (EBS, EK II, KVK 2., OstMed., BaltKrz., KVM) in the second button-hole.

- It is forbidden to wear the following to two ribbons of war awards together; Honour Roll Clasp (EBS) and ribbon of the Iron Cross 1914 with an Iron Cross Repetition Clasp 1939 (EK II + WiederhSp.) on it at the same time in the second button-hole. You have to wear the EBS in the button-hole and the EK II + WiederhSp. on the ribbon bar.

- It is allowed to wear the ribbon of the Medal for Lifesaving in the second button-hole, even together with two war award ribbons.

- It is allowed to wear up to two Wehrmacht Long Service Awards at the same time; these are the correct combinations: DA IV, DA III and DA IV, DA II and DA IV, DA I and DA III as well as DA I with Oakleafs and DA III.

- It is allowed to wear the last achieved Wehrmacht Long Service Award together with one other long service award (= SS-Dienstauszeichnung, PolizeiDA, RAD-DA, TreudienstDA, Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen, FeuerwehrEz, GrubenwehrEz ). Comment: The GrenzschutzEz is missing!

- It is allowed to wear the Blood-Order / ribbon of the Blood-Order in the button-hole of the right pocket-flap.

- It is allowed to wear the ribbon of the KVM in addition to the ribbon of the KVK 2. m.S. or KVK 2. in the second button-hole or on the ribbon bar.

- It is allowed to wear up to two sport badges on the left side beneath the orders / combat badges.

Special regulation for Waffen SS:

- It is allowed to wear one SS-DA (4., 3., 2. or 1. grade) in the button-hole of the left pocket-flap.

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Have you seen the world class publication on ribbon bars by Rick Research?

It will answer all your questions.

Go to the database section and then the ribbon bars subsection.

Yes I did, but it gives us only the known and regulated order of Presedence, specially on Ribbon Bars. We are trying to look beyond that for there were many worn in a different way. But off course in our final overviuew we should not forget the wear order in the ribbon bar for a complete picture, thanks.

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