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This man had few friends...

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here, my screwback Order "Sign of Honour" awarded to an NKVD official, complete with its booklet started in the days of Stalin's cleanups. Pity that the other order is missing.

The "Sign of Honour", Obverse and Reverse:

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He seems to have survived the pre-war purges entirely since he got an award during the war itself. A lot of the Yezhov-era NKVD folks who were too "zealous" in their revolutionary vigilance against internal subversion became purge victims themselves after the Bukharin/Iagoda trial in 1938 or thereabouts. It would be interesting to know exactly what this person was in charge of wherever he was stationed...cleaning toilets and checking security clearance requests, issueing routine id cards to God only knows what. Neat little grouping.

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