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Here is my new nice (and rare!) medal bar.

Prussian guy who was serving his country at least from 1897 and was in China and Italy (Medal of Merit for the Messina Earthquake -1908)! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

Any ideas how many germans helping out in Messina?



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Thanks saschaw and thanks Heiko :cheers: !!!!!!!!!

I was sure as well and I wasn't even think about that its trackable.

But still... who from Germany was in there? Some doctors, some ships, etc?

Here is another part of the set:


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LUCKY those clip in and out under the ribbons. That should be a Hamburg Hanseatic Cross in last place, NOT the Messina Earthquake Medal.

Easily fixed and easy to acquire one.

A very nice SET with the ribbon bar :jumping::jumping::jumping: to a career Petty Officer or army Non-Comissioned Officer (but the former seems most likely since this is in Imperial precedence) who went out as a Leutnant der Marine aD.

Meanwhile, when you have fixed the bar with a correct Hamburg cross, you will have the much harder to find Messina medal if ever you end up with a bar that is missing one. Hold onto that Messina!!!!

Is the tab-backs ribbon bar Feldgrau painted or shiny nickel finished?

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Rick, thanks for your answer! But I am still sure that the messina medal is right one on this group. Also like I understand now, most of the medal bars with this award are with wrong ribbon. Of course some white-green combination would be better but this jeweller used Hamburg cross ribbon. Also its came from very trustfull collector, who I know, never messing with his medal bars. Because the source I am very calm with this bar :cheeky: .

I will check tab-backs soon now



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