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Interesting artillery patch?

Mike Dunn

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I must admit that I don't have a clue where this is from. The patch came with some other items from a friend in Germany. Since there is no thread for Iding unknown items, I thought this would be the best place to start. The patch is black with two red border stripes. Looks like it could be a uniform sleeve patch. Just wondering if anyone might know where, when and what it was for. Thanks, Mike

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Nope--that's the entire extent of what I can tell. Help !!!

Hello Mike

I am not much of an expert with these sleeve badges but I can tell you it is not artillery : they always have a RED background. The grenade (which seem to be tarnished gold bullion) is usually worn by officers or NCOs which are not attached to a numbered unit. They could be HQ personnel, for instance.

The black background (more likely very dark blue) is worn by the infantery, the red lines around (soutaches) adding information as to what kind of employment the unit are (armoured, motorised, etc..). If the background is velvet, then its is for Engineers (or militarised firemen in Paris).

Various types of grenades are used as symbols by various Army specialities.

Sorry I cannot be more specific.



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