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ribbonbar from w?rttemberg with saxonian conection

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Hi Christian,

This is really nice. These two items on their own are super; but to have the two together is exceptional.

Being relatively uneducated with regard to ribbon bars, I have a question. This ribbon bar appears to have, from left to right - Iron Cross 2nd cl., W?rttemberg Friedrich Order w/swds, Saxon War Merit Cross, W?rttemberg Military Merit Order and so on. It seems to me that the position of the W?rttemberg Military Merit Order should be between the Iron Cross and the W?rttemberg Friedrich Order. Unless (!) that second ribbon is a Prussian Crown Order w/swds, in which case it would seem that the Saxon War Merit Cross and the W?rttemberg Military Merit Order should be reversed - unless, I guess, the recipient was a Saxon, maybe?

Now that I?ve gotten myself into this quandary, could someone please help me out?

Many thanks,

Wild Card

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The second W?rttemberg ribbon is the silver Military Merit Medal, in correct position after a Friedrich-Knight 2nd X (WF3bX)... but making the BIZARRE Saxon War Effort Cross all the weirder used as the "filling" of an "award sandwich!" cheeky.gif

This is the bar for a Leutnant/Leutnant der Reserve, still either a cadet or a reserve NCO when he got the silver MMM. I've never seen a non-Saxon with their WEC at this low a rank but hey,

that was a BIZARRE award!

IF we ever get to see the award rolls for the Saxon WEC published, THIS guy will certainly leap off the pages!

Nice set, Christian! cheers.gif

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