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What color was the uniform of Flak and Field units?

As is known, the colors was from Feldgrau to Grey-Blue (Luftwaffen-grau(?)). Is there any chronology of uniforms color changes?


Welcome to the GMIC! :cheers:

The most commonly used tunic for field combat was the Fliegerbluse. This garment is manufactered in a blue-gray wool(Luftwaffen-grau). The fliegerbluse was also seen tailor made in greenish cloth, but I have only seen two of these.

Other uniforms I have seen worn in the field are the drillich, and more rarely, the tuchrock and waffenrock. The last two I have seen worn in the field mainly by officers and higher ranking NCOs.

Now, the first two uniforms that were authorized in the Luftwaffe when it started was the first pattern Fliegerblue and Tuchrock(parade tunic). Later, in an effort to make a general use uniform(for both field use and dress wear), the Tuchrock came out. It was supposed to replace the Tuchrock AND the Fleigerbluse. Although the Tuchrock stopped being issued, the fliegerbluse was never replaced and continued to be manufactured for the duration of the war.

There were also some tunics that were made for the Luftwaffe, but were scarcely seen. Some examples of this are the Luftwaffen-grau M44 and M43, which were identical to the Heer versions.

The drillich is a tunic made for garrison work detail, so the more expensive Luftwaffen-grau would not be damaged or worn out. These tunics were made of HBT material and were often seen worn in combat(Especially Flak and Field Division units) because they were a lot cooler to wear than the woolen uniforms. These were made in colors ranging from white to dark blue in color.

Another type of uniform worn was the HBT four pocket types, similar to the M43. These came in green and LW blue. These were mainly issued to Field Division, Hermann Goering Division, and Flak units. '

There was no real chronology for the colors used in the fabrics to make uniforms

I hope that I helped to answer a few questions.



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