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Order of the Red Star, Nr. 112336

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He was apparently involved in Uranis/Little Saturn; Kalach and Tatsinskaya were significant places in the Don Bend. Does he have a Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad?

Interesting passage as well: ?They initially conducted major efforts in destroying and evacuating communications.? Not sure how to interpret ?communications? in this context (as well as their unit title), but it seems to refer to the initial policy of the Soviets leaving nothing to the invader, destroying that which could not be evacuated.

Thanks for sharing this!

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The translated Award document. . .

Excuse me, Because I?m feeling more and more rookie inside this Club...But...from where cames the document traslated (or the original one...), there exist a "Roll"??

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This is an exceptionally nice early Red Star to an NCO. :cheers: By the time he got his MMM, he'd switched from destroying tracks and then relaying them as the front moved, into railways signals-- performing admirably and above quota.

Sure enough, he had a Defense of Stalingrad, and a Capture of Budapest.

Great research results-- nobody will ever go wrong with a 1XX,XXX Red Star! :cheers:

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