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Fashion Wars: Russian Army unveils new sexy uniform

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Soldiers in Russia will soon be looking sexier and sleeker, thanks to the talent of a top fashion designer. Valentin Yudashkin, whose clothes adorn catwalks across the world, is helping to design a modern uniform for the Russian Armed Forces.

The Ministry of Defence thinks its time to upgrade the uniform to something trendier.

?The uniform hasn?t been changed since 1994. But now we need greater variety and better design for the regions,? army general Vladimir Isakov said.

Well for Russian soldiers the time has come to hang up the furry hat and replace it with one pointier and sleeker.

Jacket pockets are out, and shiny tassels are in. The regulation olive colour is so 2007, and now its all about aquamarine and little white gloves.

?The uniforms are modern, light and elegant, and, as I see it, very Russian. Young recruits should be at the cutting edge, they shouldn?t be deprived of anything and must be fashionable,? designer Valentin Yudashkin explained.

Now Yudashkin?s new uniforms will be rolled out to the regions and tested, because while they might have the flair they must also withstand some hefty wear and tear.

From Russia Today

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Your first line reflects my thoughts.... as for aquamarine.... gay indeed. I'd love to see the proposals though! Any links?

Starting to sound like a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show from hell!

I once got grilled by a Militia man on red square for momentarily looking at his cap badge. Think of what will happen to anyone caught staring at the aquamarine lumps in their leggings!

Jim :cheeky:

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very "gay".

That very word crossed my mind when I read in the initial post, "Well for Russian soldiers the time has come to hang up the furry hat and replace it with one pointier and sleeker. Jacket pockets are out, and shiny tassels are in. The regulation olive colour is so 2007, and now its all about aquamarine and little white gloves."

Ed, are there any links to the proposed uniform designs? I would like to see too! :jumping:

I thought that by the subject title, you were referring to something like this photo(Thanks for the photo, Bob Lyons).

Now THAT is sexy!!! Notice where the cameraman is shooting! :love:

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I know Ed... I really like that photo a lot. If I were still a single man, I would make a blow up poster out of it... :cheeky:

You are right... the photos in the link are very hideous. However, I did not see any tassels! lol

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:Cat-Scratch: Oh dear. Oh d-d-d-dear dear. :speechless1::speechless1:

Op?ra bouffe for the 21st century.

"adorning catwalks, indeed!"

I recognize the Romanov Sickness-- after all, the New Autocrats want to think of themselves as the Old Autocrats. Irony is apparently lost on such people. But why they should decide to fixate on Romanov power in its senile decadance--ignoring What Came After--is something any 1st year psychology student should be able to explain to them in the soft, calm voice one uses on children. Screwing around with proportions and tossing out Designs On The Cheap is just... tacky on top of psychiatrically significant. Tch tch.

This looks like something from Flash Gordon's 1930s movie serials worn by Ming the Merciless, or perhaps set design for the Barons Harkonen from Frank Herbert's "Dune" epics taken to the silver screen... at best. More like cast-offs from "Prisoner of Zenda" re-makes. :rolleyes:

Yes, that San Francisco hotel doorman's outfit is identified as an air force officer.


But NOT in a good way.

The Chechens will be pee-ing themselves laughing. :banger:

THIS, BTW, is apparently what Fire Island On Ice is supposed to harken back on-- the glorious days of, um, :unsure::blush:1905...

Oh dear. Oh d-d-d-dear-dear. :speechless:

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At least the traditional goose-stepping would appear to be Right Out? Or... ? :rolleyes:

One DOES have to wonder where, exactly, awards are supposed to be worn on these 2nd Empire junior consular functionaries' ballroom outfits. The Germans called French diplomats of the period "M?nner hinter Bl?tter"-- "men behind shrubbery" for all the froo-froo embroidered foliage. :rolleyes: Sticking buttons down the middle of the absurdly retro plastrons just makes more impediments to the traditional mess of violently damaging screwback awards strewn randomly about like flotsam and jetsam on Sovi Russian tunics. Low bidder mock embroidery and untidily jammed through awards in unobstructed spots is not SMART in either sense of that word in English. :speechless:

If this was a design student's 1st semester homework assignment, it should get a failing grade.

:Cat-Scratch: I wonder if somebody got hold of Richard Nixon's laughed-out-of-existence White House guards uniforms patterns? :rolleyes:

Or maybe the "designer" is just auditioning for the next "Babylon 5" cast reunion movie? :catjava:

Shudders followed by unstoppable giggles.

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Guest Darrell

I thought that guy was familiar ... he's the so called "Toe Shoe - Camera" Guy !!! :unsure: Bending over adjusting his camera? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :rolleyes:

Edited by Darrell
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I can just see the Recruiting Blurb in the papers:

"Ex-Comrades, Male and Female,

Tsar Putin cordially invites you to,

join today's highly trained, best dressed Russian Military Forces.

Perpetuate the Glory of your Fore-Fathers and Five-Mothers.

Only skinny people need apply!!

( as we have $4 millions worth of small size uniforms for stick people.) :lol:

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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