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Minesweeper by F.W Assmann

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Up for review is this minesweeper badge by the maker F.W Assmann. Made of Tombak with a fire-gilt wreath and raised maker mark.

These badges have been copied, but to date I?ve only come across cast examples that are far from the quality of originals, have a pin that?s close but not close enough and a different style of catch.

Assmann is not well known for producing KM badges, so finding one by this maker raises the question? did they make any others?

So, it?s over to you KM wallers?


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Given the huge size of the Minewseeper fleet, its the most common of all KM badges and with so many being made, the biggest range of manufacturers so it wouldn't surprise me to find a firm which just made the Minesweeper but no other KM badges, but Assmann IS a known maker of the Minesweeper badge and this one looks spot-on original.

Very nice piece. love.gif

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