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Some new Indian medals

Laurence Strong

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Nice new ones.

-- The Police (Special Duty) Medal is a bit of a problem child. While the names of all recipients are required to be published in the Gazette of India, the medal is not named and no clasps are indicated in the published notifications. Just mammoth lists of names. :banger: No one seems to know how many clasps exist for the medal. We have been able to identify sixteen, but have no confidence that the list is complete as local police administrations just concoct them with no approval process.

-- Oddly, the obverse on your OP Vijay Medal is not the national emblem (the lions), but the Vijay Stambh at Chittor (not the Jai Shambh, as the legend says!). Sadly, only officers' medals were named.

-- Is the 25th Independence Anniversary Medal named? Normally, they would be. Quasi-legitimate police awards and tailors' copies wouldn't be.

These three are unfortunate sad examples of the contemporary decline in the quality of Indian medal production, as only the 25th Independence Anniversary Medal was made at the Mint.

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Finally! Something about Indian medals! :jumping:

Thanks for the information on the OP Vijay obverse Ed. I had mine displayed reverse side up. It is now being displayed correctly.

Nice medals Laurence. I like the Punjab Police medal, (my appologies to Ed), I have two Police Special Duty medals in my collection. Actually the Punjab bar is in the collection and the Nagaland State bar is on its way at this time from India.

It is interesting that so many medals are now made privately rather than by the government mints. I have several specimens that were privately made and the difference in quality is very obvious. Still, compaired to some of the newer medals from other parts of the world they are not too bad. Even some of the newer Canadian medals look cheap. Unlike the silver medals of WW I and WW II some of the new ones look like they passed through an automotive chrome plating factory. Countries that can afford to award well designed and made medals to their soldiers should be too embarrassed not to do so. It's a small token of gratitude when you think of what is far too often given up by our soldiers. Sorry, I'm geting preachy and :off topic:

Thanks again for posting your medals Laurence, and thanks for the information Ed.

Cheers to you both. :cheers:


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