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Antonio Prieto

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The Princes de Asturias, have presided yesterday (12.02.2008) the institutional act of commemoration del Bicentennial of the Peninsular War, organized by the Ministry of Defense, that has been celebrated in the Bail?n street, in front al Royal Palace.

The commemorative act they have attended, next to the Spanish Minister of Defense, Jose Antonio Alonso, the holders of Defense of Poland and Portugal, Bogdan Klich and Nuno Severiano Teixeira; the Minister of Veterans of United Kingdom, Derek Twigg; and the Secretary of State of Defense of France, Alain Marleix.

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El Bicentenario de la Guerra de la Independencia, portada de la RED

El primer acto conmemorativo del bicentenario de la Guerra de la Independencia presidido por los Pr?ncipes de Asturias en Madrid es uno de los contenidos destacados del ?ltimo n?mero de la Revista Espa?ola de Defensa. Una cr?nica detalla el desarrollo de la ceremonia organizada por el Ministerio de Defensa y en la que participaron junto a Espa?a, representaciones de Francia, Polonia, Portugal y Reino Unido.


The Bicentennial of the War of Independence, cover of the REVISTA ESPA?OLA DE DEFENSA

The first commemorative act of the bicentennial of the War of the Independence presided over by Princes de Asturias in Madrid is one of the outstanding contents of the last number of the Spanish Magazine of Defense. A chronicle details the development of the ceremony organized by the Ministry of Defense and in which they participated next to Spain, representations of France, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom.

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