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Information on a Bavarian Officer

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I have a pickelhaube, photo and post card related to a Leutnant BUHLER of the 4th Inf. Regt. The post card appears to be 1910 but it is not clear. I have no first name for this officer.

I realize this is sort of sketchy, but can someone further identify this officer??

I tried to post some pics of the above but their file size is too large.

Many thanks,


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Here is the back of the post card:

I am told it says:

Manover, 4, September 1910?

J. H.

Frau Mina Homberg


Dingolfing a. Isar


Dearest Mina!

My best thanks for your lovely notes. How are things going for you? I've already written Karl Buhler, at present... there's very little time (for things in general) but ten times better on maneuver than on the drill field. Due to maneuver I've been assigned to the regimental staff and you'll see me to the left of the colonel .. Heartfelt gettings....and to the children.

(Signature could not be made out)


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The writer of the postcard is addressing Mina Homberg as Frau and starts with: Liebste Mina. From that I know that Mina is married and the writer is most likely her husband.

Therefore, if I'm right in my assumptions, the writer of the postcard is Mr. Homberg.

I believe the card is signed: dein Dich liebender Schatz Your loving darling (not sure on that)

Regards, Hardy

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Karl B?hler must have been a good friend or relative of the writer since he mentions him on the card and is in possession of his picture.

Is the Pickelhaube named to B?hler? If not, the Pickelhaube could have belonged to the writer (Homberg) rather than B?hler. Assuming the items all came from the same household (That of Mina Homberg).


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The pickelhaube is not named.

The dealer claimed he bought this direct from the "family" and that the post card was sent from Buhler to his "future wife". I too noted the "Frau" and assumed Mina Homberg was a widow (with children) that Buhler was courting. I have always thought that Mina only casually knew some of the pickelhaube's owner (Otto?) relations as the name is stated as "Karl Buhler" and not just Karl.

I realize you should always buy the PIECE and not the STORY!!

Soooooooo maybe we will never be sure.


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Ayuh. Post those scans because there were TWO-- BOTH named Otto: a regular and a reserve officer. Details of uniform and date will be crucial.

The reservist was in Bavarian Inf Rgt 23 while the regular was in KB Inf Rgt 20.

The Olt d.R. Otto B?hler in the reserve of 23 bay. IR was in that regiment in 1905, so he probably was with it the whole time.

Lt. Otto B?hler of 20. bay.IR was KIA in 1914. I don't know when he entered service or if he changed regiments. My Bavarian ranklists skip from 1897 to 1914 and my MVBs skip from 1908 to 1913. He is not in the 1905, 1906 or 1908 MVB Personalien-Beilagen, so he wasn't commissioned in those years.

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This is entirely... too sketchy. Nothing can be made of "attribution" this... nebulous.

You have no definite name here, unless there is a label in the spike helmet.

The 1910 postcard can't have come from the regular B?hler, who was commissioned on 26 October 1911.

The reservist B?hler doesn't seem to fit either since the cap worn in the photo and spike helmet bear no reserve cross emblems.

This just... doesn't amount to anything. Sorry.

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