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French WW1 Miniatures...

Chris Boonzaier

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Hello Chris

Your M?daille militaire miniature is indeed a very interesting one. It reproduces one of the very early types of the IIIrd Republic, with a monobloc trophy of arms cum medal. The full size medals of this type were replaced by the articulated types with and without the trophy of arms showing on the reverse.

I rather suspect miniatures to have been made in this type later than the full size. But it still is an early manufacture and a fine piece.



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Hello Chris,

Here is a small group of French mini's with:

* Medaille Militaire, made of silver

* War Cross with star

* Victory medal (11 mm)

* War Commemorative Medal 1914-18

* Unofficial wound medal

What I found interesting is the different size medals on the one bar as well as the hallmarks on the MM. In this case the French vic is 11 mm in diameter.

Of note is that on the reverse of the MM there are the two Paris Mint cornucopia marks astride a numeral '1'. This number 1 was the period silver assay mark for a .900 silver minimum indicating the MM was made of high quality silver.



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