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Impossible groups?

Chris Boonzaier

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The thing is, you can go online and order whatever combination you want from the same tailors who are making bars for active servicemen.

Ignoring the fact that the Medalle Militaire should be second on the bar (the seller corrected that)

I think... (and I am by no means a French collection experts)

The guy was an NCO or other rank in the Gulf war, Would have come out with the Overseas medal (middle East bar), the Defense national, the TOE, later the Saudi, then the Kuwait medal.

He then does little or nothing (not Tchad, Not Balkans...) until Somalia where he seems to have gotten the Valeur Militaire.

From what I saw, there is 2 ways to get a Medaille Militaire nowdays.... either you get wounded (no wound medal here) or you are a senior NCO with very much service indeed... but this guy only has the defense national in SILVER.... no way for him not to have gold with all these medals.

I would say, for this you would have to be a Lt col or col... does not correspond with his defense national in silver and lower rank kuwait medal.

I would be be very interested in more opinions.....

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It is definitely a made up group. The Medaille Militaire is the 3rd Republic version since it has 1870 on the obverse at the 6 o'clock position and not a star. Hence, it is pre 1951 or thereabouts. The Colonial Medal has an Extreme Orient bar which was awarded for service in Indochina until 1955. Adding those with a whole load of 1990's era awards does not make sense. Also, why is there a civilian bravery medal (tricolour ribbon) stuck in there as well ? It is normally seen with police groups.

There is another way to get the Medaille Militaire, you can get it if you are a veteran of an older conflict who manages to stay alive long enough. However if that was the case you would not have the newer decorations and it would not be a 3rd Republic award anyway.



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