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Kampfgruppen Ehrenbanner

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I am proud to present my little "Kampfgruppen Ehrenbanner" collection. For the 2 flags from Zossen I do have the poles and the flag poles that go with them. Unfortunately the poles are too long to be sent by regular mail, so they are still in Germany waiting for me to be picked up. I also have a leather case for one of the Zossen flag.

Pictures talk by themselves. ;)



The colors are brighter on that one as you can see on the second picture. Unfortunately this banner is a bit damage, but it is still a rare early patern flag.



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Very nice flags and great to have them with the poles. One with the cover is gravy! I don't suppose you have the award document that comes with the flags or you would have posted it. How long before you get to Germany to pick up the poles? I'll be in Budapest for another 18 months and if you won't be there before then, if you could get them to me I'd bring them home in my shipment. Then they would only be two hours away.



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Hello Gordon,

Thank you for your kind words on my flags. I wish I had the documents with my flags, but I don't have them. They seem to be much more difficult to find than the flags themselves. I should get back to Germany at the end of the summer or a little bit later. I thank you very much with your offer for the shipment! I guess you are sending a container back to Canada. :)

I'll contact you later by PM. It's now time for me to go to bed, I'm working early tomorrow.

Best regards,


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