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von Hasse General der Infanterie

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Hi all,

I got today very nice photo and its look like in the middle is general der Infanterie, von Hasse. Is he's first name Wilhelm?

Can you please give me more information about him what he did during WW1 (rank, unit, awards). I understand already that he had PlM :jumping: .

Also is there any another ineteresting person on the picture?



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General der Infanterie Otto Hasse

born 21 June 1871

died 28 Sep 1942

He was Oberstleutnant and Chef des Generalstabes des 10. Reservekorps

Chef der 1. Armee : 22 Aug 1918 - 16 Dec 1918

From 1923 - 1925 Chef des Truppenamtes

General der Infanterie : 1 March 1929 - 30 Sep 1932

when he received the PlM 23 Dec 1917

He got the Eichenlaub (oak - leaves) for PlM 12 May 1918

His grave is still on the Invalidenfriedhof in Berlin.

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