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Tinny - HITLER in DRESDEN 1932

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The pin looks like it,s off a plastic or porcelain tinny, not original to that

badge. I don,t know if it,s a good one or not, but leaning towards it being

a good one if that makes sense. Probably quite rare as well.



Come on Pete stop sitting on the fence!

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I believe that there are many more tinnie fakes about than we give credit for, (ignoring cast fakes, and those semi-hollow ones from Poland) after all if the dies are availiable there is no reason why they cannot be restruck, what we need to determine in most cases is :-

What was the the original material that they were made in i.e tin or brass etc.etc.

Is it the right weight/thickness.

Is it the right colour i.e bronzed/ silvered etc. Unfortunatly Tieste does not mention the colour in his books, for most badges.

Was this the size of the pin that was used at this time. I see more than a few that seem to have oversized pins (in fact I have a few)

How many soldering points (more than one makes me leery)

And a few other thing I cannot bring to mind at the moment. After all I have only just got back from the pub!!!! 2 am!!!!

I shall review this when I am sobewr.



Sitting on the fence IS uncomfortable.

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...seen an identical tinnie for sale elsewhere....but with what appears to be an original soldered stick-pin attachment...

...I agree with 'mametz' that the pin fitting on the tinnie posted here does look like the kind more commonly found on porcelain and 'Efoplast' types of tinnies....but that doesn't mean that this tinnie is 'wrong'.....it could well be a period repair......who knows for sure ???

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Thank you Claymore

Is it possible to show that picture of the original soldered stick-pin to the forum? I totally agree with you concerning the stick-pin. I think it was repaired to sell it as a complete one.

Thank you!


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...'ask and you shall receive!'....the lack of 'hakenkreuz' detail is not my idea...that's how it is displayed on the German web-site....(we all know how tough their laws are)...

...on the one hand (collectors view-point time), it's good to find pre-1933 tinnies which mention Adolf Hitler...I just wish they had used a better style of eagle at the top...instead of the faceless 'turkey' that adornes this badge...

...having said that, if it were SA then I would have snapped it up ages ago....


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