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Laco (Lacher&Co) Luftwaffe B-Uhr

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here comes my Lacher & Co (Laco) Beobachter Uhr.

This watch is in mint condition with its original box ! Ultra rare in this condition with the box and matching numbers.

Works perfectly, it is one of my favourites.

Enjoy this beautiful watch.




screw back

the famous movement

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First off...

Welcome to the forum, John Cooper!



It hard to believe that the watch is over 60 years old. It looks like it was just made yesterday. Watches are not my area of expertice, yet I can tell you that I have never seen one in such an unissued/nonworn state! You have a real gem there!!


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thanks a lot for your nice comments !

I must say that this is the only one I could ever find in this mint condition. Especially with the box it?s nearly impossible to find.

It?s important to say, that these watches are made of the finest quality. After 60yrs this watch keeps time perfectly in every situation.

Additionally I post here another rare watch from my collection.

It?s a hard to find WWII Tutima made in Glashutte, Saxony.

The chronograph watch is an essential component of any fighter pilot?s equipment.

Tutimas are the german Luftwaffe wrist band watches issued only to pilots, so they are pretty rare.

This watch was made in Glashuette in ?42.

It has the UROFA (Uhrenrohwerkefabrik) 59 movement. Case and movement are showing the same number.

I become enthusiastic each time I see a Tutima chronograph with its construction of the movement (Breguet coil).

There are early pieces with gold-plated movements; later, these were silvered and shock resistant.

The watch is in excellent condition and works perfectly.

The photo is from the previous owner. It was a comrade of one of my relatives.

Hope you like it.

All the best;


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Thanks for the warm welcome :cheers: and very nice to see yet another super watch. I have only considered watches but has as yet to find one. Please post mre of your collection and any additional information you feel would be helpful to a novice collector wishing t build a collection arund both Luftwaffe and USAAF fighter pilots and USAAF bomber crews.



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thanks again for your kind words. :beer:

There is a well known authority for german military watches. Konrad Knirim. He is a nice and helpful guy. This is his site:


This is an interesting dealers link about Hamilton military watches:


A very special site about the legendary IWC Mark X:


All the best;


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