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Amazing groups! Some of the accessories are rarer than the tunics! :jumping:

Here is my only contribution... I do not collect political pieces, but I am into medical items. For this reason, I could not resist these RAD medical boards.

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Very nice...I seem to remember a few months back there was a RAD Medical tunic on (I think) Relics of the Reich web site...

Do you remember what the price was? I saw a really nice RAD Judicial tab, that I regret not picking up.

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These tunics are among the best looking of all the Third Reich designs. I suspect what "did" for collecting these as a sub-field was that the "Robin Hood" caps (which came over here en masse, probably because they flattened without damage--they've all disappeared from the open market, BTW) and the daggers were always so expensive (even Way Back When) that the tunics never caught on.

I suspect that tunic collectors want The Whole Outfit, and supplies of those were never good, this side of The Pond. It's been probably 10 years since I've seen an NCO level tunic, and twice that since I've seen an officer level one. I suspect most of the basic trainee ones were worn to rags after the war as work clothing.

Any name label in the Oberarbeitsf?hrer? Surprising numbers of former Imperial officers "dead ended" in the R.A.D. and never got the promotions they would have if they'd rejoined the Wehrmacht.

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Unfortunately no name tag. The tailor is Valentin Hampel, Liegnitz and the Gruppe patch is 242, suggesting he is from the Mittlerhein Arbeitsgau, with Koblenz as the HQ. Would that tie in?

However, I have no confidence that the patch has not been repalced at some time (original, yes, but possibly not to the tunic)

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Well, the world changes, from day to day, and since these were posted, the 1 February 1938 Reichsarbeitsdienst Seniority List has been discovered, and I've typed up (and alphabetized) everyone from Arbeitsf?hrer up.

As of that date, the Gruppenf?hrer of Arbeitsgruppe 242 was Arbeitsf?hrer (18.12.35 # 91) Dr. Heinrich GOMPF. If there is an "M" on the unit shield, that would have been Arbeitsf?hrer (26.04.37 #3b) Karl Konzack.

You mention the possibility of the unit shield having been altered... that would be too bad. I suppose that personnel might have shuffled from place to place, but incredibly, they seem to have rotted-in-place. The vast majority of RAD majors had been imperial army majors. 20 years... same grade! In many ways, organizationally more akin to the civil service with its Amtmann glass ceiling (there and stuck forever) rather than a military Up-Or-Out promotions body--despite the uniforms.

Once appointed, promotion seems to have been the exception rather than the rule.

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