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(This is a transfer from the Army Administration thread)

I have 3 HG tunics...2 attached:

One an Officers (with the sand gogles!) and one an NCO's Flak. On this you can see where the cufftitle has been removed (and none too carefully!)

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Jon, the two bars on the sleeves designated the NCO as a "Speiss" or senior NCO for the unit (similar to a first sergeant). Not certain if the KM used this 2-stripe degnation, but most all Heer, LW, and SS units used it.



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Does it have any taylors marks in it: Can you show us the tag?

Thank you very much:

Very Beautiful, nice condition as well.

SSG Luna, Lorenzo

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Hi, Yes see attached photos (I think I'm duplicating here with the other thread currently running on HG Division, so apologies). The officers has no tailors label or no name tag.

Also attaching my 3rd HG tunic...a Panzer wrap.

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An update on my Feb 22nd post and the HG Flak FB.

It was clear from the cuff that a cufftitle had been present, but had been cut off (there was even a tear at the rear of the cuff where the scissors had cut the cloth!!).

So I bought from the recent HH auction an NCOs cuff title and had it applied. I know some collectors would not do this, but the cuff title is original, and I am only replacing that which was originally there (similar, say, to puting back an eagle on a cap). It brings the tunic back to what it was in total.

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I like your jacket really well. :beer:

I find it OK, if the jacket again her Original stocks agrees, because most jackets were ridded themselves after the war of her stocks. Since after the war many jackets were further carried. Privately or in captivity.

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