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The complete awards of Crew 1914

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After another member recently discovered a copy of a book on Crew 1906, I have found the book of Crew 1914, published in Hamburg in 1926. It is very interesting: it has one page for each crew member, with picture and extensive biographical information, like father's occupation and so on, but most interesting - a complete listing of all awards, including foreign, and even Freikorps. I will post some scans soon. But first, I have collected the awards here.

This list refers to the 1918 Navy ranklist, Leutnants zur See, p. 73ff. Crew 1914 starts with Seiwert. Given here are all awards that are not listed in the 1918 ranklist (I leave out Fliegerabz., U-Bootabz., Wound Badges). All names not listed did not get anything additional:

p. 73:

Löhner EK1, HH

Stark, Hans EK1

Cramer, Hugo EK1

Wesemann BremH

Schönberg TH

Starke, Rudolf MMV, BT5

Meendsen-Bohlken EK1

Etzdorf, Hans EK1, BT4 (KIA 1918)

Langen EK1, HH

p. 74:

Stolzmann, Walter EK1

Wolffhügel BMVO4 (KIA 1918)

Hencke EK1, BMVO4

v. Borries, Wilhelm EK1, BrK

Girke EK1

Schüz, Otto WF3b, HH (KIA 1919)

Lambrecht EK1, HH

Bender, Roderich EK1, ÖTM

Lodemann HH (KIA 1918)

Hoechst EK1, OFA1

Niemann EK1, MMV

Deckert RM, TH, TL

Delfs EK1

Freudenberg EK1, OFA1

Schniewind, Paul EK1

v. Borries, Edgar LüH

v. Kutzleben OFA2

Dietel GSF3b

Drekmann, Hermann HH

Steinkopff EK1

Keßler EK1, LüH

Rieve, Odo EK2

Siebold EK1

Rolshoven LüH (KIA 1918)

p. 75:

Ruge EK1

Klamroth, Viktor EK2

Staelin HH

Mann, Hans EK1, HH

Boldt EK1

Osann EK1

v. Salis-Soglio EK1

Achilles EK1

Weygold EK1

Schünemann EK1

Trube EK1, OFA2

Schulze, Bruno EK1

Meister, Bruno LüH

Leichtenstern EK1, BMVO4

Schultze, Reinhold EK1

Stitzinger BMVO4

Osterndorff EK1

Schmitz, Kurt EK1, TH, TL, TM, TRM

Hagemann, Kurt EK1 (died 1926)

Gumprich WF3b

Fremerey EK1, HH

Peters, Heinz BrK

Schoppen EK1

Leithäuser EK1

Kreisch EK1

p. 76:

Roediger HH

Henning EK1, SA3b, WF3b

v. Recum EK1

Gutjahr, Otto EK1

Osterloh EK1

v. Friedeburg EK1, BZ3b

Böhme SA3b, TH, TL, TM

Wagner, Lothar TH, TL, BT5

Schnoeckel EK1, HH

Brauns EK1

Heye, Helmuth EK1

Maas TH (KIA 1918)

Bär TH

Weiß, Siegfried EK1

Freymadl BT5, TL, TH

Stöllting HH

Herrmann, Wolfgang SA3b (KIA 1918)

Prall, Andreas EK1, HH

Boerner HH, TL, TH

Fabig SEK3

Topp EK1, OFA2, ÖM3K

Rollmann EK1

Korn BZ3b

Bauer, Franz EK1, FinnFK3

Schumann, Gotthard EK1

Meyer, Konrad EK1

Kupferberg EK1, HT, OFA2

v. Grafenstein BremH

Kratzenberg EK1, OFA2

p. 77:

Masberg EK1

Riensberg, Heinrich EK1

Schmitz, Franz (changed his name to Schmitz-Lenders)

Jeschonnek EK1

Wahl, Heinrich EK1, HT

Silex EK1, HH

Mertz TL, TM, TH

Rüling EK1, SA3b

Seydlitz EK1, SLK

Bonte EK1

Wichmann EK1, HH

Schneidewind EK2

v. Wiedebach EK2

Schmall EK1, FinnFK3

Schultze, Fritz (changed his name to Schultze-Rhonhof)

Bütow EK1

Zerbe BrK (changed his name to Zerbe-Holvard)

Arimond TH

p. 78:

Eckoldt, Alfred EK1

Mechlenburg EK1

v. Suckow MMV (KIA 1918)

Schwartzkopff EK1, Baltenkreuz

Steidle BMVO4

Hunaeus EK1

v. Schlüter EK1

Geissler, Otto EK2

v. Kleist EK1

Rieve, Friedrich EK1

Wiarda EK1

Matthies EK1

Josephi EK1, MMV

Ahrens, Günther EK1, OFA1

Behncke, Ludwig EK1, LüH

Erdmann, Günther EK1, TL

Reinhard, Max BMVO4, HH, LüH, FinnFK3

Köllner EK1, OFA2, HSH3b

p. 79:

Fricke, Hermann GSF3b

Altmann TH, TL, TM

Wentzel, Theodor EK1, OFA2, HH

Koopmann, Werner HH

v. Muschwitz TH

Fellner EK1

Roeser-Bley EK2 (died 1922)

Philipp EK1

Blunck EK1, OFA2, BremH

Bluth TH

Bode, Hermann EK1, BZ3b

Flörke HH

Pohl, Friedrich EK1

v. Arend HH

Ritter, Wilhelm EK2 (KIA 1918)

Interesting to see that some got up to 3 awards after the 1918 RL came out.

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VERY useful and an amazing number of EK1s for barely commissioned officers.

Adds a "GSF3bX" from the missing 1916-18 pages to later Kapt zS aD Hermann Fricke. Thanks! :cheers: :

(add "X" for ALL these Orders above)

What is meant by "BT?" I assume that would have been the BT4b, but a BT4a would be pinback and throw off our group IDs. :speechless1:

And I must think that the MANY--too many-- "TM" actually means a Turkish IMTIAZ Medal with Xs, and NOT a Turkish MEDJIDIE Order (with Xs)... ?

Every source adds more data :jumping::cheers: but they all have quirks and errors that need to be watched.

Glad to see the "invisible" Finnish awards listed. :jumping:

Sounds like yet another potential CD project-- Facial Identification on some otherwise unknown officers is ALWAYS needed for photos.

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What is meant by "BT?" I assume that would have been the BT4b, but a BT4a would be pinback and throw off our group IDs. :speechless1:

And I must think that the MANY--too many-- "TM" actually means a Turkish IMTIAZ Medal with Xs, and NOT a Turkish MEDJIDIE Order (with Xs)... ?

Ah yes, correct observation. I now distinguish between BT5 and BT4, the book says "Bulgar. Tapferk. Medaille" and "Bulgar. Tapferk. Orden", respectively. Probably BT4b.

Not sure about TM, maybe.

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