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Manufacturer plates from a tank or a plane?


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1st scan says

Factory No 5

ChiefFlyMach (Sovabbrevs drvMcrzy)

Body No 7(10?)

Motor No 88134

Thorough Overhaul 1939

2nd scan has M-88 in the center on the winged engine, with abbreviation for People's Commissariat of Aviation Production of the USSR (NKAP SSSR) around top and Factory No 29 "in the name of P. I Baranov" underneath.

I cannot read the partials off scan there, nor anything from the too small and distant 3rd scan. Try each side of the monogrammed plate one at a time close up.

Off some sort of aircraft.

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were these taken from damaged tank and plane?

I'm not sure - I have to wait until I can make better scans.

The only information I have is that both plates were brought back from the Eastern Front by a member of the Wehrmacht.


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And should this not be moved to a more generic "miltaria" sub-forum??? This is NOT in any sense a researched award or group?!?!?


My mistake Ed - I read the words researched and group in the forum title and thought it would be the best place for the plates to be researched (since quite a few members here understand Russian).

Besides, I find these plates not at all generic - rather highly specific.

If there is a better sub-forum for this, please have it moved - sorry for the Faux pas

Regards, Hardy

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These are all PURELY technical specifications, no clues whatsoever what these were ON.

The M-88 obviously came off a motor, but the other one seems to have been off an air frame/plane hull. But of WHAT KIND of plane... nothing shows.

Both aircraft, from what I can make out-- wouldn't be able to make sense of the ENGLISH technical stuff.

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