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Sachsen-Weimar, Grossherzoglich S?chsischer Hausorden der Wachsamkeit oder vom Weissen Falken

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Dear forumites:

I decided to start a thread where you can show all your decoration or medal bars about the above mentioned order, IMHO one of the most beautiful among German Imperial orders.

The show shall begin....

Here's my WF RK 1. Klasse mit Schwertern, silber vergoldet, O&EK no. 2335.



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Medal bar for civil attire (tuxedo)... also called Frackspange... from my brother's Marco collection

? Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1914 (OEK 1904)

? Sachsen-Weimar, Orden des Weissen Falken, 1902-1918, RK 2. Klasse mit Schwertern (OEK 2340)

? Bulgarien, Milit?rverdienstorden, RK mit Schwertern und Kriegsdekoration

? III. Reich, Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe f?r 20 Jahre (OEK 3524)

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My brother and I we also discovered that the very at least two different patterns to be seen under the enamel of these orders, one with strait lines, and the other with broken lines... I don't know if I can explain myself... here the picture which is quite self-explanatory:

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From a German Auctionhouse...

Description (in German... sorry!)

Stern zum Gro?kreuz 1815-1918, Sachsen-Weimar

Silberner Sternkorpus mit aufgelegten, gr?n emaillierten Kreuzarmen aus Gold. Das Medaillon und Medaillonring ebenfalls aus Gold, emailliert. R?ckseitig glatter verl?teter Medaillondeckel, taillierte Silbernadel, ohne Herstellerbezeichnung. 82 x 82 mm, 43,4 g.

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From the same Auctionhouse:

Kommandeurskreuz f?r Zivilpersonen, 1815-1918. Gold und Email, 80 x 50 mm, 31,5 g (OEK 2329). Feine Juweliersarbeit. Unbesch?digt. Mit Halsband, in Originaletui von Th. M?ller, Hofjuwelier & Ordensfabrikant, Weimar.

Zustand: I- Limit: 1400 EURO 2000 EURO

Just to give the price of these awards, which are very desirable, especially among the collectors' community in Germany... the final price was Eur 2000.- + 20% commission = Eur 2'400.- = about USD 2'900.-

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Always from the same Auctionhouse... I am kicking my A$$ for not having tried to bid on at least one of them. These orders are rare, very desirable and their value is steadily increasing.. :(:( With the original case... very very nice and rare!

Kommandeurskreuz mit Schwertern, 1870-1918, Gold und Email, 33,37g (OEK 2331). Feine Juweliersarbeit, im Falken minimale Emailrestaurierungen. In Originaletui von Th. M?ller, Grossherzogl. S?chs. Hofjuwelier Weimar.

Zustand: I-II Limit: 1600 EURO 1800 EURO

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Again from the same Auctionhouse, the last one, a "mere" RK 1. Kl. in pure Gold!!! It went for the same price as a Kommandeur cross, just to show how emotional and impulsive some collectors during auctions can be... Beautiful example; this one screams at you with all its might and beauty! Very, very impressive IMHO!!!

Ritterkreuz 1.Klasse, Gold, emailliert, 19,8 g. Winziger Emailchip auf der R?ckseite, Bandst?ck (OEK 2335).

Zustand: II+ Limit: 850 EURO 1900 EURO

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  • 2 years later...

Unfortunally, I don't have a medal bar with a Falke, but some days ago I acquired this nice photo (originally framed, approx. 23,5x17,5cm large). It shows an officer of the German Wehrmacht (Heer) who apparenty was reactivated - he has no long service decoration! I cannot recognize what is on his shoulder boards, but I think it's a Hauptmann. He's wearing a cut out "Verwundeten-Abzeichen in mattwei?", an Iron Cross Ist class (I think it may be Meybauer?!) and a really nice medal bar with:


- Preu?en, Eisernes Kreuz 1914 II. Klasse;

- Preu?en, Hausorden von Hohenzollern, Kreuz der Ritter mit Schwertern;

- Sachsen-Weimar, Hausorden vom Wei?en Falken, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern;

- Hamburg, Hanseatenkreuz;

- Dt. Reich, Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer.


The photo has no name written on it, but I guess the combination of this awards - without any other(!) is unique. Though Hauptmann Erich Linnarz e.g. wore exactly the same awards, but sooome others more.

He wears nothing from Baden so he might be sold or - if possible - exchanged against a similiar nice photo from Baden. Anyone interrested might send me an email, but please no PM, thanks.

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Hi Charles,

It's General F?rster.

Next week I will have another very interresting ribbon bar to share with you. Another one from with Saxe Ernestine ribbon and some interresting others ribbons. Be patient :rolleyes: !!!



Good looking photo.

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