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My wartiem ribbon bar with Lux Nassau ribbon

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I just picked this up at the SOS. The ribbon are:


A nice wartime bar with a rather flat pin. I will have to look through the entire 1914 Prussian RL to find the guy. The NA ribbon is rather uncommon so he should jump out. I have said that before and ahd it take me months to find the guy.

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The pictures ain't good, but I like the bar. Looks like a nice war time bar, about 1915 to 1918 ...

I have said that before and ahd it take me months to find the guy.

Means you found him?! I'd wonder you found the right one, as ...

you've been looking for the wrong awards ... :speechless:

It's an Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen, no Red Eagle order - and it is a Prussian Milit?r-Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse on last place ... yes, it's a pre 1913 ribbon and an old NCO who didn't mind about it. Well, why should he exchange his 21(?) year award for a new 15 year cross?


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Here's a black-lighted example of the stitching pattern being used out of Germany. When I first publicized this photo (and others) exposing these thieves they then switched to war-time surplus Wehrmacht gray thread. However the workmanship, stitch pattern and quality of their efforts remained consistent... albeit with different materials. They use authentic, surplus silk ribbon(s) which came on the market about 4-6 years ago in great quantity. Any bar bearing this stitching pattern, un-backed should be very, very, very carefully examined to ensure authenticity.

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