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The medalbar of GL Karl Max Gronau

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My latest addition to my collection. The medal bar of GL Karl Max Gronau. He was born in 1855 and died 1945. He made GM 22.04.14 and GL 27.01.18. He was the commander of the 86 Infantry Division. His neck awards are:


And his medal bar awards are:

1914 EK2, HH, AK, Hind w/SW, MG3, DA, SWA ST, Centennial, Hung. Comm and JV5

The JV5 (Japan Order of the Rising Sun 5th class) really made the bar traceable. The is another example of what is not on the bar is equally important as what is.

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Having made the Epson Pilgrimage yesterday (through a hailstorm that left TWO rainbows projected in my yard!!! :Cat-Scratch: ) here is a MUCH better and totally Non-Pink :P scan of General Gronau's bar:

Will post the reverse in the Makers' tags thread and a close up of the Rising Sun in that thread on the Japanese Order. :cheers:

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I am finally able to get back into the forum. Here is GM Gronau's career to add to your files with this wonderful bar. If you have any questions, let me know. !


Carl Gronau (1855-1945)

27.01.14-08.09.16 Kom. d. 22. Feldart. Brig. (Cassel)

19.06.09-27.01.14 Kom. d. 4. Garde Feldart. R. (Potsdam)

1904-19.06.09 I./Lehr R. d. Feldart. Schie?sch. (J?terbog)

18.04.01-1903 II./Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig)

1900-18.04.01 b. St. d. Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig)

1898-1899 Lehr. a.d. Feldart. Schie?sch. (J?terbog)

1895-1897 k. als Lehr. a.d. Feldart. Schie?sch., Mitgl. d.

I. Abt. d. Art. Pr?f. Komm., ? l.s. Feldart. R. 3

1892-1894 Chef 3./Feldart. R. 3 (Brandenburg)

01.04.90-1891 Dir. Offiz. d. Art. u. Ing. Sch., Sekret?r d.

Stud. Komm. d. Art. u. Ing. Sch., v. Feldart. R. 33

22.03.87-01.04.90 i. 4./Feldart. R. 27 (Wiesbaden)

1886-22.03.87 i. 7./Feldart. R. 3 (J?terbog)

1885 i. 8./Feldart. R. 3 (J?terbog)

1882-1884 Adj. I./Feldart. R. 3 (Wittenberg)

1881 i. 1./Feldart. R. 3 (Wittenberg)

1879-1880 k.z. Art. u. Ing. Sch. v. Feldart. R. 3

1876/77-1878 i. 1./Feldart. R. 3 (Wittenberg)


Gen.Maj. 22-04-14 B

Oberst 20-03-11 Ji

Oberstlt. 18-05-08 C

Major 19-09-01 B2b*

Hptm. 18-10-91 B2b2

Oblt. 22-03-87

Leutn. 17-10-76

*Ern. 18-04-01

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Outstanding photo of him and ALL of his awards! I think he was sitting there because he was out of breath from supporting the weight of them :)

I looked at the earlier entries but I didn't find what I was looking for with regard to his career.

Does anyone know when/why he received the Japanese RS order?

Why is his DSWA medal the steel version?

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Hi Paul,

That is a great picture! Congrats! :beer:

The IC 2nd class has been taken away and replaced... you can clearly see from the pictures (see below, the sloppy sewing and the position of the iron cross - lower than the Hambung Hansacross). Why people do that? I can't really understand... :mad: But at least the medal bar is the original one... some of the ribbons are exactly folded like on the picture.



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