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I got today some simple but nice ribbon bars and would like some help.

1. First ribbon must be Albert Order (Albrechts-Orden). But what can the second one be? Is it some kind of vet organistation award ribbon?

2. What could the 4th ribbon be? Some Hanseatic cross? But why then is it the last one? So, I think it is some kind of vet organisation award as well or am I wrong?

3. One of my favorites! Proud Bavaria (Navy?)soldier who put EK2 after his BMVK ribbon. Last ribbon have to be King Ludwig Cross (K?nig Ludwig Kreuz). Am I right?

4. What could the second ribbon be? Turkish? But which award then?

5. Baden medic?

6. Freikorps men who saw action in the Silesia area. TR period he was a policeman. Am I right?


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Hallo noor, :beer:

Nice bars :jumping::jumping:

I cant tell what colour the second ribbon is on the first bar, its very dark any chance of a better picture.

Number 3: looks like:

Bavarian MVK III Class, Prussian Iron Cross II Class, Bavarian Military Service Medal.

Number 4: possibly is for a Anhalt-Gesamtstaat Friedrich kreuz 1914-18 an band fur Nichtk?mpfer * Combatant.

If Turkish it would be last on the bar as a foreign award.

EDIT * for Combatant as stated by pinpon590 read the wrong line in my ribbon book :blush:

Number 5: carries a Prussian Red Cross ribbon but the swords indicate a combatant, early retirement from the war, who then helped out in the red Cross?

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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It could also be that the red cross medal as awarded before the war-or indeed, during the war.

There are documented cases of people in Feldlazaretts receiving the red cross medals as well as other medals (like the EK2).

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Thank you guys for information! :beer:

I will try to make better photos over the weekend when I can use daylight. But yes, nr 1 second ribbon is green.

Nr. 4 second ribbon has red lines on the corners. So, its the Anhalt?


Here is one another my new singel ribbon bar.... I was sure before that its something like Mecklenburg-Schwerin Milit?rverdienstkreuz but those black lines dont match.... so what ribbon it would be?


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